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How to Find Nanny Positions in Boston

Boston is one of the best-paying cities in the United States for nannies, since families in the area have some of the highest incomes. It’s also the safest city in the country for families with young children. Plus, Boston is easy to get around via public transport or on your feet with kids. Since it’s such a great town for nannies, the competition for a nanny position in Boston can be fierce.That’s why we’re sharing a few tips to help you navigate your next job hunt.

Become CPR and First Aid Certified

Make yourself a sought-after candidate by becoming CPR and First Aid Certified. Parents value nannies who are certified and trained in basic courses like these. Plus, it’s fairly easy to become certified. Red Cross offers online courses and holds in-person classes in several locations throughout Massachusetts.  

Consider taking certification courses for other topics, too. If you want to work primarily with newborns, you can become a certified Newborn Care Specialist. Water-safety certification is also a good investment for nannies in Boston, with the number of kid-friendly activities near water in the city.

Polish your resume and professional references

It can be easy to neglect your resume if you’ve been with one family for a while. Luckily, updating your resume is a quick and easy task.

Look over and update resume sections like:

  • Your contact information. If you’ve moved, changed your email address, or gotten a new phone number since your last resume update, make sure to edit your contact information.
  • Your education or certifications. This is a perfect time to check if any previous certifications you have are expired and need to be renewed. Add any new certifications you’ve obtained recently. Check that you’ve listed your school and major, as well as any awards or honors you received in college.
  • Your recent work experience. A prospective new family will check your work experience to get an idea of your previous responsibilities, how many children you cared for, and how old they were. Be sure to include this information, and any other details unique to your job.

For a list of professional resumes, choose at least three people in your life who can speak positively about your skills, personality, and work ethic.

People who make good references include:

  • Parents who previously employed you. A potential new family can get a sense of your experience from a previous family you worked with, even if their children and expectations are different.
  • A coworker or supervisor. Include a reference from any volunteer work or non-childcare experience you may have. They can still provide insight on factors like your reliability, or how quickly you learned and adapted to new things.
  • A teacher. Since you’re a college-educated nanny, choose a teacher who can attest to your diligence, respect, or conscientiousness.  

Remember to ask your references for permission to add them to your list. Once you begin interviewing, let them know when they can expect to be contacted.

Find a family with Boston Collegiate Nannies

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