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What to Look for in a Nanny Job in Boston

When looking for a nanny job in Boston, it’s important to consider a few factors that will help you match with the right family. Make a list of details that are important to you, like responsibilities, the number of kids, their age ranges, the pay, and so on. This list of things to look for in a nanny job can help you make sure you’re choosing the right family for you, not just the first one you find!

Make sure you’re comfortable with both parents and children

You’ll be spending time with the children and parents in their home, so it’s essential that you feel comfortable in their environment. Communication with your employer should feel open and honest. You should also have similar philosophies on child care, like discipline styles. If you don’t agree with how you should react when their child throws a tantrum or cries, the family may not be the right one for you. Parenting styles vary, and if your prospective employer expects you to conform to their style (understandably so) it’ll be easiest for everyone if they find a different nanny who already agrees.  

When speaking with a potential employer, you might ask them how they discipline their children, and they spend free time with the kids. Asking them about discipline will give you the information you need, and asking them about free time will help you gain insight on what they might expect from you. For example, they may prefer loud, messy activities like playing board games or baking cookies, while you’re used to quiet activities like reading or doing puzzles.

Consider the location

Your commute to the family will vary depending on your employment status and where you live. But if short commute times and low-stress transportation are important to you, you should take your employer’s location into account. Boston’s commute is ranked among the nation’s most stressful, and it’s getting worse. Suburbs like Newton, Brookline, and Woburn have a relatively low commute time and are listed as some of the best Boston suburbs in which to raise a family.

Commute time will also change on bad weather days. Discuss what constitutes a bad weather day in Boston that might make it unsafe for you to get to your employer’s home. If the parents are staying home on those days, are you still required to come in if you can? If you feel uncomfortable traveling during heavy snow days, will the parents have a backup plan?

Be clear on policies like pay and duties

In order to find the best nanny position for you, you need to know exactly what is expected of you in a job. Look at a job listings outline of expected duties, or be sure to ask questions like the following in an interview:

  • What hours will I be working?
  • Will I be picking up or dropping off children at school or other activities? If so, will I be using my own vehicle, yours, or public transport?
  • Am I expected to tutor or help the children with their homework?
  • Will I be cooking full meals or just preparing light snacks for the children?
  • Are light household duties like cleaning and laundry expected?
  • What happens when parents have to work late or travel?

Pay is also an important factor to consider. You should know exactly what your hourly rate is, what’s considered overtime, what your overtime rate is, and so on. In Boston, the average annual nanny salary seems to range from $35,000 to $42,000, while the average hourly rate is about $19 to $20 per hour. To get a better idea of rates in your area, talk to other nannies and families in the neighborhood, and review local sites and forums. Of course, nanny agencies are also a great way to find families with even higher childcare budgets.

How you find your next family matters

When you’re on the nanny job hunt, there’s also one more thing you should consider: where you find the families. A nanny placement agency like Boston Collegiate Nannies can do all the legwork of finding a perfect job for you and confirm that each job listing is from a good family. By joining Boston Collegiate Nannies, we’ll support you throughout the whole placement process, from training to interviewing to selecting a family. We’ll connect you with a family that matches your skills and experience. Our full-time nannies earn an average salary of $55,000, which means they make well above the area’s average. While we know that pay isn’t everything, we do believe you deserve every penny for your hard work!

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